The LEARN! Manual is handbook for developing and evaluating activities and programmes for traffic safety and mobility education. It sets out recommendations, criteria and guidance to develop and implement sound educational activities in an accessible way.

This PDF version of the LEARN! Manual is interactive, and you can click on “see Step” and “see example” to immediately go to the respective page. The bars on top of the page in the handbook section (Part III) and the section on how to use the manual (Part IV) also allow you easily go to another step or example. Clicking on the publication’s title on the very top of the page will bring you back to the Manual’s content page.

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The manual is envisaged as a starting point for those who design, test, implement and evaluate educational activities on traffic safety and mobility, and are embarking upon the creation of new, or updating existing, activities. 

The new resource should also be useful to ministries, authorities, schools and organisations when deciding on which activities and projects to buy or fund. The guidelines reflect a list of minimum criteria that should be included or considered, in order to ensure high quality standards are maintained.

The LEARN Manual’s model contains the following eight steps: