The LEARN! Flashes

The LEARN! Flashes are a series of shorter thematic reports on different aspects related to traffic safety and mobility education.

Flash 3 – Linking Education on Sustainable Mobility with Traffic Safety

This LEARN! Flash report focuses on how education on traffic safety and sustainable mobility can be linked and supported to ensure that children receive high-quality education that teaches them to move around safely and sustainably.

The report also examines how schools, parents and municipalities can promote safe and sustainable mobility outside of formal education. For example, by working towards measures such as school streets and 30km/h zones near the school that would improve real and perceived safety.  Or by organising “bike buses” instead of using motorised transport to travel to and from school.

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Flash 2 – The Role of Education in Reducing Deaths among Children and Youngsters in Europe

This LEARN! Flash report provides an overview of the road safety of children and youngsters across Europe. It focuses on the progress in reducing road deaths during the past decade (2011-2021) as well as differences in road safety between the different countries, age groups as well as genders. It also provides recommendations to improve the provision and quality of traffic safety and mobility education.

Flash 1 – The Impact of COVID-19 on Traffic Safety and Mobility Education

This LEARN! Flash report provides an overview of the experiences with the impact of COVID-19 on traffic safety and mobility education in Europe.