Tuesday 12 September 2023 | 09:30-15:15 CEST
Online event

To sufficiently equip young road users to become safe road users, education remains of chief importance. This is especially true for secondary school pupils (aged 12 – 18) as they start to travel independently and have to deal with more complex traffic situations.

This seminar featured presentations on the latest traffic education projects from across Europe, divided into three parts. The first part focused on activities related to safe active and sustainable mobility, the second part on safe (pre-)driver and passenger behaviour, while the third part focused on e-scooter education.

Download the agenda here.


Setting the Scene

  • The LEARN! Project: Improving Traffic Safety and Mobility Education in Europe
    Frank Mütze (ETSC)
    Slides | Video
  • Towards evidence-based road safety education in the Netherlands
    Wilma Slinger (CROW-KpVV)
    Slides | Video
    * More information about the CROW education checklist is available here.

Part I: Safe Active and Sustainable Mobility

  • Walking and cycling to school through children’s eyes
    Bart Nobels (Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV))
    Slides | Video
  • Mobility Education as a tool to foster children’s right to participation
    Verena Röll and Diana Stage (TU Berlin)
    Slides | Video
  • Children, attention and cycling – the road from research to practice
    Lena Westrum & Tone Glomsrud (Trygg Trafikk)
    Slides | Video

Part II: Safe (Pre-)Driver and Passenger Behaviour

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the DriveFit pre-driver education intervention
    Elizabeth Box (RAC Foundation)
    Slides | Video
  • Achtung Auto – modernizing an established program to meet the demands of the future
    Angelika Lange & Melanie Guffler (ADAC Stiftung)
    Slides | Video
  • Consequences – Puts you in the shoes of a drink driver
    Christine Hegarty (Road Safety Authority Ireland)
    Slides | Video
  • Safe driving according to Droso
    Fanny Auzéau (Association Prévention Routière)
    Slides | Video

Part III: E-Scooter Education

  • Safely e-scootering
    Francesco Moledda (Fondazione Unipolis)
    Roberto Desiderio & Paolo Fedele (Milan Polytechnic)
    Slides | Video
  • Involving young road users in their safety
    Katarzyna Dobrzańska-Junco (Malopolska Region)
    Slides | Video
  • Edustrada platform: the contribution of ACI
    Antida Aversa (ACI)
    Slides | Video