#12 – Undertake tests, process and/or outcome evaluations

Evaluations should be a central part of any traffic safety and mobility education intervention. 

Evaluations should be part of the plan from the intervention’s inception and should be conducted properly. The evaluation results of other interventions should furthermore be taken into account during the design of an intervention.

While evaluations should be part of the intervention, the scale of the evaluation should be proportionate to the scale of the activity. The results of the evaluation should also be used to improve the intervention itself.

The LEARN! Manual provides guidance, recommendations and inspiration on evaluating educational activities on traffic safety and mobility, notably in Step 8 of the Manual’s model for developing and evaluating educational material. The chapter in the Manual covers:

  • Why it is important to properly evaluate activities.
  • The different types of evaluations.
  • Performing outcome and process evaluations.
  • The importance of measuring both output and outcomes.
  • Ideal requirements for outcome evaluations.

The Manual also contains several examples setting out how members of the LEARN! Expert Panel evaluate their material. These examples are available in the LEARN! Database of best practice examples.


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